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Determine Horse Blankets Sizes


Champion Horse Blankets are "true" size blankets. For example, for a 78" Champion blanket, when you put the blanket flat on the floor and you measure the longest part of the blanket, you will have a 78" on your tape measure. With the gusset part closed. 

Champion Blankets use three inches increments, i.e. 78" 81" 84" etc.

The Champion blankets are cut generously, the blankets have roomy neck and shoulder.

All brands of horse blankets have different cutting and size measurement. The best is NOT to compare with other brands, because you might not get an accurate size fitting for your horses. 

High Neck Horse Blankets: for blankets size purpose only, please refer to the above. The measurement for a regular cut blankets and the high neck blankets are the same.