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"LESLIE REID: Canadian Olympian, 2003 Pan American Game team and individual gold medalist. "Champion horse blankets are the best blankets that I have used, especially the rainsheets which we need so regularly in our climate. They are a great quality and a very nice fit for all the horses. The sizing is excellent."


"I bought a blanket from you at the Mane Event in Chilliwack back in October 2011, I just wanted to say this has been the BEST blanket I have ever bought for my horse!!! The size fits perfect and still has not one tear in it!!! My horse is SO hard on his blankets but this blanket has stood up to EVERYTHING!!! Rolling, rubbing, chewing, the snow, rain, wind. I just wanted to say thanks cause since October of last year I have not bought anymore blankets!!! Thanks Again" Michelle Vander Vlis


"I am sold on Champion Blankets. I bought my first, a rain sheet, in the summer of 07, which was quickly followed with the medium winter blanket, and then completed the set with the heavy winter one. The blankets live up to their description - plus, they fit beautifully. During a stretch of freezing temperatures my horse was toasty warm inside just the one winter blanket, where most people in my barn were double blanketing. They are beautifully made and also launder well. I highly recommend these, whatever season you chose." Maureen D. Vancouver


"So this will be the 4th fall season for my Champion raincoats. They have not been babied as blankets, my girls are not exactly fans of wearing clothing, and the raincoats are still going strong. The colour has faded a little over the years and they have needed the odd stitch job here and there, but nothing other than regular wear and tear. I've never had to replace any straps or buckles. They get seriously filthy dirty and get washed quite regularly. I don¿t do anything special to them (like extra waterproofing or whatever) and they still keep the rain out. When I got a new mare who needed a raincoat, she got a Champion. I knew I wasn't going to get any other brand." Cristeen M. Vancouver


"I have been using Champion Horse Blanket products for 4 years. Company staff are easy to deal with, they stand behind their products and VERY timely with delivery. The blankets fit well, are very sturdy and have not required any repairs to date. They do not slip or cause shoulder rubs on any of my horses. Have recently added a Champion sheepskin pad to my collection. It fits well with all saddles, cleans simply in the washing machine and air dries back to regular dense fluff. I recommend these products to my clients and to you." Sincerely, Terry A S. Vancouver


 "I can't say enough about how happy and impressed I am. We've tried many blankets and had gone exclusively to one brand that worked well, and I was nervous about trying a new brand. I am so glad I did! I have 8 horses from size 72" to 81", ranging from short, stocky Quarter horses to a 16.3 hh Warmblood and have had trouble finding blankets that fit all the different shapes of horses.I had been ordering exclusively very good quality popular name brand blankets but was no longer happy with the fit on some newer horses and had good but not great fit on others. The Champion blankets fit everybody exceptionally well and they are staying warm, dry and happy even on the heavy rain days. Thank you so much for making these great quality, exceptional fitting blankets. Happy, warm dry horses are healthy horses - plus they get very cranky when wet and cold! I am already making a list of blankets I will need to order next year! Thank you again for making my horses so happy. Alesha T. Vale, NC